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Crackdown on owner direct daily rentals - Change of Kalara Service
Legal / November 24th, 2016 7:53 am
Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT),
Dear Owners,
We would like to advise you of recent enforcement actions which are taking place across Thailand by all local authorities, concerning the daily and short-term rental of private residences, which is illegal in Thailand.
The law has been in effect for many years, however, it was not practical for owners to rent out private property on a daily or short term basis until the recent arrival of AirBNB and similar sites. The popularity of AirBnB and similar sites has led to a rise in daily and short term rentals in recent years and this has led to the current crackdown, with a sharp increase in the number of prosecutions. The local authorities in Koh Samui have started to distribute posters (such as the attached) to be displayed at residential developments on the...

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